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Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind

January 28, 2011

Are you ecstatic about your life? If you had the chance to start fresh, would you do everything just the same way? Or would you prefer to make some changes? Most of us do want to make changes but don’t know how.

When I first heard that changing my mind could change my life, I got highly skeptical. It seemed too woo-woo to be true. I was so upset with my situation though. All my attempts to change things had failed so far. That’s why I decided to explore the topic. Now I am convinced that changing my mind is not just strange theory, but a necessity.

To begin with, education can be life changing. There is a kind of education though that we never get at school: we are never taught how to use those incredibly powerful computers we are all equipped with. If you don’t know how to use a computer, the experience can be very frustrating. Your brain is no different.

A great deal of our suffering is caused by improper brain use. We let our brains trick us – and often in a bad way.



Here’s an example. Have you ever had something like this happen to you: It’s time to leave the house, but you can’t find your keys.

“Why does this always happen at the most inconvenient moments?” you think to yourself. “I need to hurry up.”

Then you proceed to quickly look at the places you usually leave your keys, but find nothing. You try to ignore that mild stir in your belly and suppress it. You try to stay calm.

“I need to be there on time!”

You start searching faster, peeping into corners you’d never expect to find your keys, and sure enough, they are not there.

Meanwhile, the minutes are ticking away. Each time you look at the clock, you feel this stiffness in your belly get a bit stronger, then slowly take over your chest, then your neck.

“I’ll never make it on time,” you think to yourself. The harder you try, the more you realize how pointless it all is. You give up trying. All hope is gone.

Feeling tired and disillusioned, you let a deep sigh out and drop into a chair, accepting your defeat.

And there you see them. Your keys are lying on that shelf where you always leave them, clearly visible from a mile away.

What happened here? Seems like you were blind at that time.

We can all be blind without knowing it, as can be seen here: Read more …


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  1. Reframing is something I’ve got much better at doing. I’m glad I do that now. Previously, I all too often found myself taking responsibility for everybody elses emotions and trying to fix them. It doesn’t work and is actually not mine to fix.
    Great article.

  2. Recovery International was founded by Abraham Low in 1937 and it still is alive and well today. These are three of the tools we use at our face-to-face, online, and telephone meetings”

    “Hurt feelings are just beliefs not shared” Abraham Low MD

    “Fear is a belief, beliefs can be changed” Abraham Low MD

    “The resoluteness of the muscles conquer the defeatism of the brain.”

  3. Gilbert Orbea permalink

    I’m trying to take this advice to heart. It’s quite the challenge to note how my emotions and mind and brain skews my perception of things.

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