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Life Is Just So Worthless and Insignificant. Or Is It?

January 31, 2011

Hello reader!

Yesterday I came across this post on reddit.

The average person will be just like this post… They’ll go their whole lives and only a few people will ever see them, if any at all. Then after a short time, they die and nobody knows they were ever here in the first place…

It’s just a theory I have. I’m pretty sure my life will be the same way. I suspect nobody will even notice this post and I’m just wasting my time typing this out. I’m just starting to realize that life is just so worthless and insignificant. Nothing we do matters. Were all going to die and nobody will notice or care.

Well, it didn’t go unnoticed. It obviously struck a chord with many redditors and got lots of replies.

At first, I was just about to delve into my favorite theories about meanings being subjective, and the fallacy of searching for them outside of ourselves, but then I saw one post that made me stop in my tracks. It wasn’t about theories. It was about life.

That’s why now I’m shutting up and passing the floor to this incredible guy. Enjoy! Read more …


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