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Depression Is a Wake-Up Call

February 7, 2011

A couple of days ago, I posted a short summary of an article about the true cause of depression by Alex Lickerman.

In his view – with which I very much agree – depression arises from the belief that we can’t solve our problems.

Now, reading this got me thinking. While this article very well sums up the how, I kept asking myself about the why.

Why all the pain?

Why all the perceived hopelessness?

If you have read my article about limiting beliefs, you know that I don’t subscribe for the view that meaning is out there. It’s not set in stone for us – neither by a deity, nor by the laws of nature.

Meaning is something WE create.

Here’s the answer I found for myself. Don’t ask me to prove it, because I cant. Meaning is never provable, It’s a matter of personal choice. I choose to believe that: Read more …


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