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13 Common Limiting Beliefs That May Be Sabotaging Your Love File

February 8, 2011

Hello everybody!

As St. Valentine’s Day is coming near, it’s time to think about our love lives. Are they the way we’d like them to be?

Here are some common limiting beliefs you might have, that may be hurting you.

Be warned, I’ll be a bit in your face here. Don’t read if you get easily offended.

1. All men are pigs, all women are bitches.
That’s a great attitude for meeting new people, isn’t it? If you’ve adopted this cynical attitude, you will also reveal it to the people you meet in subtle and not so subtle ways. Even before you open your mouth, your body language and face expressions will tell the other person that you don’t trust them. They may not know what’s wrong, but they will feel it.

Potential high self-esteem lovers will either not approach you at all, or politely excuse themselves early in the interaction. You will be left with just the people who are willing to be disrespected – and then punish you with resentment. Your experiences with such people will seem to prove your belief. Read more …


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