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Learn to Move Smart and Develop Healthy Posture with The Feldenkrais Method

February 15, 2011
Using a Mouse

Using a Mouse

A few years ago, I remember sitting at my desk, reading the manual of my new mouse. One thing the manual said caught my attention:

Should I ever feel pain or discomfort in my wrist while using the mouse, this would be an important warning sign that I’m doing something wrong, and ignoring it could lead to serious injury.

I was quite surprised. I had never deemed that kind of discomfort important – and had been hurting myself. I never thought this could be important.

This is how many of us have learned to think – or rather not think.

Today my goal is to raise your awareness – your awareness of your body. Read more …

  1. Thanks so much for your post — I’ve wondered about Feldenkrais but never took the time to learn more. Definitely worth knowing more about — so appreciate your link!

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