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Weapons of Mass Persuasion: Turn off Your TV

February 18, 2011

What are you feeding your mind with? Junk food?

I just saw this video, and while it says nothing new – at least nothing new to me – it is just as important as it has ever been.

Yes, this is really important, so pay close attention. Read more …


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  1. Great video and I’m coming to the belief that most of the mainstream media is using methods to control us and dull our brains.

    There is a documentary called ‘Manufacturing Consent’ about Noam Chomsky and he speaks about how the media covers up certain events and gives prominence to others.

    Manufacturing Consent – Google Videos

    There was also a BBC documentary series called ‘Century of the Self’, which examines the use of basic psychological theories to control, influence and manipulate humans.

    I’d recommend both of those, watching them made me pretty cynical about the media.

  2. I find it interesting what happens when you don’t watch TV for a long time and then turn it on again.

    At least for me in these cases, nothing on television makes sense, it all seems so vapid, so trivial, so meaningless. And then after sitting in front of that damn contraption for a little while, I will get sucked into the vortex again, being unmindfully mesmerized by all the colorful pictures, the stimulating stories, the overwhelming visual and auditory stimuly.

    Goes to show, in my mind, how much and how quickly and effect TV can have on us.

    Thank you for your inspiring post,


  3. Such a necessary post, thanks for this! TV has definitely been weaponized.

  4. Declan O' Flaherty permalink

    Great short vid, it’s been over a year now since i turned on a TV, actually, i sold mine a while back. i took this excerpt from a recent article i wrote which i think is relevant.

    Television is not an activity, it is not actively watched, it is passively watched. When we turn the TV on, we turn our thinking off, and I don’t give a damn what anybody else tries to tell you, that can’t be good for how we perceive our reality. The average individual watches 5 hours of TV each day. That’s 5 hours of manipulated programming and advertisements that is replacing the average person’s thoughts with someone else’s obsessive images and thoughts…after all, it is called “programming” for a very good reason.

    Great blog too, and i look forward to coming back in the future.

  5. A couple of more vids here:

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