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Fred Kofman – Verbal Aikido

April 2, 2011

Today, my friend Jonas made me aware of Fred Kofman by posting a comment. Thank you Jonas for adding value to my blog!

Now I can’t wait to share this info with you. The ideas presented here are very much in line with Nonviolent Communication, but from a slightly different angle. The theory is a bit simplified, and application could be a bit easier. I suggest that you immerse yourself in both – then start practising this one. Read more …

  1. Thanks for the link back. Fred Kofman is my hero, I think he has found such a great balance between business, spirituality, pragmatism and ethics.

    I would love to learn more about his approach to communication because it seems so simple. I am about half-way through the non-violent communication videos. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    Also, I’ve added two of your posts to my new “Cool Articles on the Web” section.



    • Thank you once again.

      There’s a lot of overlap between Fred Kofman’s stuff and NVC. In NVC, there’s a bit more subtle detail and depth, whereas Fred Kofman presents the same ideas in a more simple and easier to apply way. In my perception, NVC has the potential for more profound change, but also needs more time. That’s why I like to study both, and then focus on applying Fred Kofman’s advice.

      I’m so happy to have found out about him! Now he’s my hero, too!

  2. Something else that might interest you is “General Semantics”. The book “Drive yourself sane” is quite readable (as opposed to most other books on the topic) and gives a very nice introduction to “clean language”.


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