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My Inner Perfectionist Is Screaming: “Don’t Do This!”

April 24, 2011

Hello everybody!

It’s been quiet here for a while. I didn’t post anything new in the last three weeks.

Life has been crazier here than you could ever imagine. I could have easily given up on my blog – but I didn’t.

Something has been brewing all the time. I went through a very steep learning curve – and am not finished yet. I won’t be finished any time soon. But there’s something I can’t wait to share with you.

Here’s the deal: I’m moving to my own domain.

This may sound trivial to some of you, but to me it was quite a challenge. I’ve been in a coding frenzy these days – learning how things are done as I go.

My new site is not ready, yet. I’ll surely have to rework a lot of things – but it’s up already.

My inner perfectionist is in panic right now. He’d like to put this moment off until everything has become flawless.

There’s no way I could put it off anymore though.

Thank you my friend for all your concerns, but we’re gonna be all right. I promise you.

I’d like to thank the team of for doing the awesome job they’ve been doing so far. I had to code myself many of the things you’ve been doing for me for free.

It’s time though that I created my own site.

Please, have a look and tell me what you think!

To all my friends who have been linking to me, thank you! Could you please redirect those links?

Now, I’m so excited!  Here it is.


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