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Marshall Rosenberg on Nonviolent Communication

Are you frustrated by the multitude of fools and evil people around you?

Or maybe even worse, you consider yourself to be one of them?

Are you filled with anger?

Then pay close attention to what’s coming here. This will give you the tools you need to eradicate insult, rejection and anger from your life.

I’m NOT saying that it’s gonna be easy. Actually, I just neglected the principles – and got the consequences of neglecting them. Nothing serious – just an argument on an internet board. But it came to show me how deeply rooted my faulty thinking is. Change won’t be easy – but I’ll do my best.

I suggest that you do the same. Watch those videos as many times as you have to, and then try to apply what you learn. If enough people do, maybe one day there will be no wars. Be a part of the change!

This is going to be a long post with a lot of information. Here’s what it contains: Read more …


Dr. Viktor Frankl on Meaning and Happiness

Hello everybody!

Today I’d like to show you an interview with Dr. Viktor Frankl. I won’t waste time trying to add anything to what he says. Just listen and enjoy. Read more …

Profound Relaxation, Tension Reduction and Trauma Release

Today I’d like to draw your attention to an unusual method for releasing deep body tension.

You may be familiar with other relaxation techniques, where you lie down and go through your body parts, relaxing each of them, one at a time. This is problematic though, because we try to relax by controlling our voluntary muscles, which is kind of backward. Making an effort to relax doesn’t really bring relaxation. Read more …

Affirmations – What They Can and Can’t Do, Examples

Today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on affirmations. While I did mention them briefly in another post, they definitely need some more attention.

What are affirmations?

These are statements that we use to install into our minds new attitudes and beliefs. Read more …

Tricks Your Brain Is Playing On You

As you may have read here, what we see is not reality, but what our brains construct for us. Today I’d like to share with you a few cool examples. Enjoy!

Here are some more: Read more …

John Bradshaw – Healing Your Inner Child

Do you think that there’s something wrong with you? Do you feel ashamed of yourself? Do you feel unworthy?

Then you need to hear what John Bradshaw has to say. He will tell you how you ended up feeling the way you do.

Today, I have some videos for you. Let’s start with an Oprah Show featuring John Bradshaw: Read more …

I Admire This Man For His Courage

I just read this article, and I’m deeply impressed.

Ten years in prison? Your career? Or just your permanent record?

Read more …